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The Marketplace is an easy and convenient way to showcase your services for tax and accounting businesses. There will be games, raffles, and prizes to drive attendee engagement at your booth!

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Our sponsors are not just vendors; they are partners who provide our members with the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses. Your participation is crucial to their success. Together we can offer tax & accounting professionals a true one-stop marketplace where they shop and buy the services they need.

Besides tax preparation the majority of our members provide year round multi services.

Accounting/ Bookkeeping 60%
Notary 49%
Payroll 42%
Business Consulting 25%
Audit Representation 25%
Other* 15%

* Other services include: insurance, immigration, real estate, financial services, tax planning

What type of business clients do our attendees have?

Construction 68%
Transportation 59%
Beauty Salon 54%
Auto Shop 53%
Restaurant 50%
Daycare Services 43%
Retail 38%
Medical 27%
eCommerce 26%
Legal 23%
Advertising 17%
Education 17%
Manufacturing 17%

About 50% of our members need resources to better serve their business clients.

We asked our members what challenges they face and these were their responses.

  • Tracking Expenses
  • Tracking Miles
  • Payroll
  • Document Management
  • Sales Tax Compliance
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Tracking Inventory
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Payment & Processing
  • Time Tracking
  • HR Issues & Compliance

Reaching the fastest growing economic segment in the nation. You can provide a resource to help tax preparers and business owners grow!

Here’s what our sponsors have to say about the FEST:

Having three days gave the attendees time to think about our products. By the last day, the serious buyers visited our booth.”

The best thing about the event was how engaging it was, including the mixers at the end. This leveled the playing field and gave everyone a chance to engage a bit outside of a business setting, which is every business’ desire!

“I always enjoy meeting a Latino Tax Pro member. They like to ask questions and try out new products.”

“I really appreciate Latino Tax Pro’s commitment to ensuring sponsors and partners have a great experience. We feel like a crucial part of their ecosystem.”

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