On Demand 2020 Latino Tax Fest

These webinars have been pre-recorded from the live event Oct 27-29, 2020.

This bundle includes 21 webinars, at the end of each session you will
complete a short quiz to earn continuing education(CE) hours.

Available in English y español! Choose an option below to get started. 


  • (1T) IRS and You
    Speaker: Charles P. Rettig, Commissioner of the IRS
  • (1U) Taxpayer Advocate Service
    Speaker: Erin M. Collins, National Taxpayer Advocate
  • (1U) ITIN Updates
    Speaker: Brenda Hales, ITIN Section Chief
  • (1T) Immigrants, Visas, and Taxes
    Speaker: Antonio Martinez, EA
  • (1E) OPR Director
    Speaker: Sharyn Fisk, OPR Director
  • (1T) CARES Act- EIP
    Speaker: Jeremiah La Rue, Thomson Reuters
  • (1T) CARES Act- Employee Retention Credit
    Speaker: Keith Kershner, IRS Senior Stakeholder Liaison
  • (1U) Return Preparer Office: What you Need to Know
    Speaker: Carol Campbell, Director of RPO
  • (1T) How Recent Legislation Impacts Your Clients’ Retirement Plans
    Speaker: Michael Majors, Paychex
  • (1E) Keys to Mastering Due Diligence Requirements and Audits
    Speakers: Shanonda Scott-Ray & Courtney King, Refundable Credits Admins
  • (1T) ITINs and Corporations- Everything is legal except the owner-what to do?
    Speaker: Antonio Martinez, EA
  • (1E) Due Diligence Requirements and Penalties
    Speaker: Carlos C. Lopez, MDE, EA
  • (1T) How to Report Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
    Speaker: Victor Jaramillo, Attorney
  • (1T) COVID-19 Updates Schedule C
    Speaker: John Sheeley, EA
  • (2T) QBI- The Tax Break of the Century
    Speaker: Tanya Baber, EA
  • (1T) Pay as You Go so You Won’t Owe
    Speaker: Cecilia Catlin, CGFM, MPA
  • (1T) LLC’s, Joint Ventures, Disregarded Entities and Passthrough Entities
    Speaker: Ricardo Rivas, EA
  • (1T) Settling Your Tax Debt? Which is Best OIC vs Bankruptcy?
    Speaker: Juan Montes, JD, EA
  • (1T) Crypto & Record Keeping
    Speaker: John Sheeley, EA
  • (1T) The Security Plan
    Speaker: Timur Taluy, Pro Tax Pro
  • (1T) House Flipper or Investor?
    Sch C vs Sch E

    Speaker: Roberto Pons, EA