Offering bank products is a great way to give your clients access to capital when they most need it. Whether you’re looking to advance a tax refund or offer a business loan, having a banking partner will help you serve your clients better.

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Our management team has a long history in the tax refund product industry beginning in 1989. Our team has the distinction of starting the refund banking programs of two other national tax refund product providers and is committed to creating the best refund banking experience possible.

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SBTPG is in business to help you make more money. Whether providing cash flow before and during tax season, the PreFUND tax-time loan for your clients, bilingual marketing materials, or name brand disbursements and check cashing solutions – SBTPG draws from 25 years of experience, providing tools that help you grow.

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The Tax Division is a part of River City Bank, a family owned bank in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been partnering with independent tax professionals to offer tax related bank products for over twenty years.

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With over 15 years of experience in the e-file industry, Republic Bank Tax Refund Solutions is one of the leading national providers of Refund Transfers (RTs). Each tax season, millions of customers choose a Refund Transfer from Republic Bank to receive their refund quickly and conveniently while paying tax preparation and other fees with their refund.

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A team of industry experts and savvy entrepreneurs passionate about reinventing the tax-related bank product industry. Our mission is to help tax professionals serve underbanked individuals and families nationwide. The team that makes up Refundo brings more than 25 years of both tax preparation and financial expertise, it’s safe to say this isn’t our first rodeo.

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We are a direct Merchant Cash Advance Lender and partner Merchant Advance Company. That means we can issue a Merchant Cash Advance immediately with our own underwriting and funding regardless of your credit. We can also operate as a partner lender or agent funding company when there is another program that can serve your Merchant Cash Advance needs better. That means you don’t have to fit into our guidelines. We fit your request to the appropriate program. We have access to all available Merchant Advance programs across the country to secure funds for any situation at the best rates.

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